Hi whoever actually comes to this blog. My name is Grace and I am just someone who wanted to get into blogging one night. I am mainly here to review TV Shows, Movies and Video games. I am also here to show people, who ever that may be, my own artwork, video games and stories.

Just a few things I would like to say about this blog:
~~ It is my first blog. I have NEVER made a blog that I am going to try and keep in order.
~~ I have NEVER reviewed anything. There is a first for everything right? So this is my attempt at reviewing stuff that interests me.
~~ I am a HORRIBLE speller ~~ I may NOT post anything for a while. I still go to school so that may get in the way of this blog. It will be that or I forget about the blog.

That is about it.

But I love writing stories so if you are intrested, Please check out my stories on Wattpad

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