I have a lot to say about this game…

For starters, it is one of my top five Ratchet & Clank games that I’ve ever played. Probably 4th, just below Tools of Destruction, Crack in Time and 3 (Up Your Arsenal). It plays VERY well, though the controls for be can be a bit stiff when using the swing shot (ie, not connecting to the thing (I don’t know what it is called) quickly enough when you are moving fast.) The animations are smooth, even if it is only running at 30fps (which doesn’t bother me toooooo much) and the actual designs of the characters are really good looking.
But there are a few exceptions to this. The new design of Big Al I’m not a fan of. I thought he looked kinda strange, with the bread, compared to the original design of the character.
But the colours… oh the colours are beautiful. They are bright and warm and inviting. They make the game look like a Disney or Pixar movie. And the planets, the design of the planets brought back sooooo many memories. Some of them look EXACTLY the same! Which is amazing. But they have added new areas to some planets to add new game mechanics, such as the jet pack which is an awesome addition to the series.

But the thing that most people criticise the game for is the fact that it is a movie tie-in game and that it is a reboot of the series. I haven’t seen the movie yet because was never released in the cinema in Australia (I wasn’t happy, trust me), so I can’t comment on how much of the movie is in the game, but I can comment on how the reboot has changed the universe. Overall, the story hasn’t changed much, but they have changed small detailed of the known origin story’s of the characters, such as Ratchet (not including is Fastoon origins only his Velden one) and Dr Narfarious, who’s original origin was that he was ‘killed’ by Captain Qwark in their early days, according to the Qwark vid-comics in the 3 game on PS2.

The new characters that they added were a good addition to the series, but to be honest, I don’t think that they add much to the series. They may have more of an impact in the movie, but in the game, I feel like they are just there and help move the plot along.

Another thing, I LOVE the new dynamic that Ratchet as with Clank in this game. Unlike the original, he is more friendly and likeable character, which helps with the overall feel of the game. The original game felt like they were constantly at each other and saving the universe (and finding Qwark) for their own agenda, which was what they were doing. But I’m this reboot, they have a mutual agenda, they both want to save the universe. Which I really like.

Like I said before, This is one of the best Ratchet and Clank game I’ve played. So my rating for this game is a 9/10 (4.5 stars) 🙂