How did this happen? How did America let a racist, sexist, and white supremacy campaigner become president?

Donald Trump is not and will never be the president of America. He will not make America great again, if anything, he will set it back. In a world where hope is needed, fear will be given. Wars could start, walls will probably be put up, others will be deported because they believe in a different God.

Donald Trump will create a world where people will live in fear.

In no shape or form am I saying Hillary Clinton will make a better president Clinton, but the way you have to look at it today is, who is worst? And this is not just happening in America, the same happened in Australia. We had to vote for someone that wouldn’t take Australia into more debt.

What we need to do is vote someone in who will help those who need help, such as the refugees escaping the war in Syria. Someone who gives hope to those less fortunate, those who are homeless. Not someone who wants to make the rich richer, and hires women based on their looks, not their qualifications.

I don’t know what to say. This is just disgusting.

But like NerdCubed said, ‘you are welcome here’