I’ve written A LOT of stories

I was going through all the stories that I had written the other day and was amazed at just how many I have actually written. I started in grade 5 with a friend when we started Harry Potter roleplays on an HP website called HexRPG. We also wrote collab stories too. These ranged from stories about wars to medieval lands and a Maze Runner (great book) rip off.

But I’m going to list off ALL the stories that I have written on my own:

~~ Kidnapped series (Original) – oh the Kidnapped series. I wrote this book when I was still on Hexrpg when I discovered that there was a place you could upload your own stories too. I was inspired to write this series just after reading the 13th book in Gabrielle Lord’s great series Conspiracy 365, Revenge. I won’t get into details about was that book is about but to put it bluntly, someone gets kidnapped and their friends have to save them. That is pretty much what the Kidnapped series was about too. The Kidnapped series consisted of three books, each only about 2-3 pages long. Which now, for me, 2-3 pages is one chapter. In my opinion, the story REALLY sucked.

~~ The Night Eater Series (Original) – for some reason, my whole year 7 class loved these books. I still don’t understand why everyone liked it. This was a story that I wrote randomly one day. I thought it was a cool idea when I started it, now it is cringe worthy. The wasn’t any inspiration that I can think of that inspired me to write it. It just came to me. The story was set in a small town. I can’t remember if the town is a real place or not but anyway. And it followed the stories of three different characters, Kayla Harris, Callum White and Rose Smith who live in a world where evil creatures known as ‘The Night Eaters’ plot to take over the world. The Night Eaters are creatures that can only be seen by certain people, that is where the Kayla, Callum and Rose come in, they have the ability to see the Night Eaters and can defeat them. The Night Eater series consisted of three books with chapters only being 2 paragraphs long. The summary that I just gave you may make the story sound interesting, but really, it is not.

~~ The Powers Series (Original) – The Powers series was when I started getting into the longer chapters and the better story… I think. This story I wrote randomly like most of my stories. The whole idea of it sounded great in my head, but not so much on paper. The Powers series was about a kid named Logan Brooks who had a power (hence the title of the story). Logan was special in a way that used in a particular way, his power could help protect or destroy the world. That was what the main villains of the story, the Spies of Canhill wanted to do, destroy the world. The chapters in this story were about a page long, with at the time was massive for me. The Powers series consisted of two books, Powers and Stone. The second was extremely pointless. In my opinion, the story isn’t all that bad, it just has a lot of grammar and spelling issues and was a really rushed story.

~~ Quest For Series (Original) – I can’t remember why I wrote this. The Quest For series consisted of two books, Quest for the Cure and Quest for the Killer. Each with chapters about one page long. The story is about a group of teenagers named Harry Brown and Zalene and Joshua Turner. This story is very lossy inspired by Conspiracy 365, again, and something else that I can’t remember. In the story, Zalene and her brother Joshua have powers, Zalene can look into the future and Joshua can look into the past. But these powers can kill them, so they have to find something that can get rid of their powers. But on their quest, Zalene get kidnapped by a witch named Luna Evans. so then it is up to Joshua and Harry to find the cure and find Zalene. The story is better written than the others, just it isn’t very good.

~~ The Legend of Blueway: The First Adventure (Original)* – This one, in the end doesn’t even make sense. I don’t know where the inspiration came from but anyway

~~ The Dutchman’s Daughter (Pirates of the Caribbean FanFiction)* – This was the first and most popular fanfictions I have on Wattpad. This fan fiction I wrote just after watching the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It is set 20 years after the third movie and in a different timeline. When I started writing the fan fiction, I didn’t know that there was a post-credits scene that makes my fan fiction COMPLETELY thrown off course. I won’t say too much about what the story is about because of spoilers to the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie, At Worlds End. The story is about 10 pages long with chapters ranging from 2 paragraphs to a page. Attached to this, I also wrote a one-shot too, because I got sooooo many reads on Wattpad.

~~ Ratchet & Clank: Coming Back (Ratchet & Clank FanFiction)* – This is one of my favourite fan fictions that I have written. I wrote this just after finishing Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time, which is a fantastic game. Towards the end of the game, something happens that creates an alternate timeline, and that is where my fanfiction comes in. What it is about is expanding on what would have happened if that thing that happened wasn’t ‘fixed’. Like the other fan fiction, I’m not going to say anything else to avoid spoilers to both the game and my story. This fan fiction is the longest one that I have written. It had 19 chapters, each with 2 – 5 pages per chapter. The story was 42 pages long I’m pretty sure, I printed it out like I have done with ALL my stories. 🙂

~~ The Driving Force (Original)* – This is a strange one. I’ve actually written it twice now as I didn’t like the original story. The second one that I wrote is much better in my opinion. The story is about Earth at least 70 years in the future, where an alien species named the Corrani invade the Earth, and take over Australia. Two teenage siblings then become part of a science experiment that gives them superpowers to help take back the invading threat.
The story is still ongoing but has currently been put on hold because of my other Ratchet & Clank FanFiction

~~ Ratchet & Clank: The Pre-ventures (Ratchet & Clank FanFiction)* – This Ratchet & Clank FanFiction is different to the other one that I’ve written and seen. It is about Ratchet’s father Kaden and his adventure before and during the rise of a guy named Tachyon (if you’ve played the game you would know of him). I thought about this one just after playing through Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction for the millionth time and while I was in the shower (of course) I thought it would be interesting to explore a concept that Insomniac Games hadn’t really spoken about.

So that’s it, I think.
I’ve written so many it’s crazy.
So if you are wondering why there is an * next to some of the names of the stories, it is because those ones you can actually read on a website called Wattpad. To list the stories, the ones that you can read are:

  1. The Legend of Blueway: The First Adventure
  2. The Dutchman’s Daughter (Pirates of the Caribbean FanFiction) (And the One Shot)
  3. The Driving Force
  4. Ratchet & Clank: Coming Back (Ratchet & Clank FanFiction)
  5. Ratchet & Clank: The Pre-ventures (Ratchet & Clank FanFiction

Also, the ones with the (Original) tag are the ones that I made up myself.